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Freecom Classic 35006

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Latest generation DVD+/-RW drive from Freecom that supports all DVD recordable formats including DVD+R and DVD-R Double Layer and DVD-RAM. USB 2.0

Features :
- Cost effective external DVD RW drive;
- Stylish, state of the art design;
- USB 2.0 interface;
- Supports all disk types allowing you to burn DVD’s and CD’s;
- Stores up to 8.5GB on a Double Layer DVD;
- Save and share your movies, music, data and photos;
- Including DVD and CD recording software;
- Installs in seconds without opening your computer;
- Connects and disconnects without restarting;
- Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista;
- Two years manufacturers warranty;
- Unlimited free helpdesk support.

Home use:
- Compile and create your own Music-CD’s for use in the car or portable CD player;
- Create your own video CD’s or DVD’s;
- Make a backup of all your important documents and files.

Office use:
- Make an extra backup of your valuable work files;
- Create professional CD’s or DVD’s with your company information to send out to your clients;
- Use the Freecom DVD RW Recorder for software installations on multiple PC’s.

New! - Meet the latest generation of Freecom external DVD RW recorders. A new, fresh, high quality design combined with the latest technology Super Multi DVD RW drives, that read from and write to any CD and DVD recordable format, including DVD+R(W), DVD-R(W) and DVD-RAM. Cost eff ective - To date, CD’s and DVD’s still remain the most used and cheapest format for making quick backups and exchanging or sharing data. Double Layer recording enables you to store up to 8.5GB of data on one DVD, at an unmatched price per Gigabyte. Convenient - With today’s high speeds burning a CD takes only a coupe of minutes. With the fast, reliable external Freecom DVD RW recorder you can burn a CD or DVD wherever you are. Connecting and instaling has never been easier – just connect the Freecom DVD RW recorder to your computer via USB, install the CD and DVD burning software via the convenient install menu from the CD, and you’re ready to go !!